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Loyalty points are a great way to earn yourself a little extra cash based on your game play and at the VIP club we are going that extra bit further and will be rewarding our members for the amount of points accumulated throughout the month, not dependant on whether those points were redeemed or not.

This bonus in tiered and is based on the certain amounts on points you earn. Anything under 1,000 points a bonus of 10% will be earned, whilst anything over 1,000 points the percentage will increase.

If you accumulate 5,000 points during any given month, the cash value would be £50. We would then give you a bonus worth 15% of your loyalty point value (so £7.50).

Here's how it works out:

Number of accrued points Bonus value:

  • 100 - 1,000 10% of loyalty Point value
  • 1,000 - 10,000 15% of loyalty Point value
  • 10,000 - 20,000 20% of loyalty Point value
  • Over 20,000 30% of loyalty Point value

The Loyalty Points Bonuses will be awarded on every first working day of the month. If you would like further clarification with regards to this offer or any other VIP promotion, please do not hesitate to contact myself at