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As a VIP player you will be automatically be entered into our special VIP leagues, where we will reward players for their game-play throughout the month.

Up for grabs every month there will be four separate prizes of £250 and these are given to the VIP with the:

  1. Highest amount of wagers.
  2. Greatest Overall Payout Ratio.
  3. Highest amount of loyalty points accumulated.
  4. Largest win of the month.

Additionally there are two £50 runners up prizes for each of the above categories, so there is plenty to play for.

At the start of each week, you will be notified as to you who is the top of the leader board in each category and these updates will appear through your inbox when you log in, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

If you have any questions about the above scheme or any other VIP promotion, please do not hesitate to contact myself directly at this address

All the best,

Stuart Millar


  1. This offer is for VIP members only.
  2. For the member(s) that finish the month with the best overall payout ratio, biggest win of the month, highest amount of accumulated loyalty points and highest amount of bets, there are £250 prizes. For those that finish 2nd and 3rd in each category, £50 bonuses will be awarded.
  3. The maximum bonus any VIP will be able to receive in any one month is (4 x £250) £1,000.
  4. To qualify for the Greatest Overall Payout Ratio competition, a minimum of at least 1,000 bets must be made and have a turnover of £1,000 generated in the qualifying month.